Budget Counseling

If you are:

  • Struggling to pay your bills
  • Living paycheck to paycheck
  • Or just can’t get ahead

We have options that can help you out:

Muskegon Co-op FCU Counselors

Muskegon Co-op now has a financial counselor available to members to help create a budget for free. If you are struggling financially or just need some guidance to stay on track, we can help. Rachel M. and Lacey V. are certified financial counselors and would be happy to help you create a budget and get your finances under control.

Step 1: Download the following documents (Financial Counseling Packet and Track Your Spending Spreadsheet).


Step 2: Fill out the “Track Your Spending” spreadsheet.

Step 3: Call one of our financial counselors at 231-726-4871 to schedule an appointment. They will sit down with you and help you go over your finances and put together a budget.

The following local organizations also offer Free Budget Counseling:

Love In the Name of Christ
3 locations in Muskegon area
Holton Road, Norton Shores,
Muskegon (downtown)

GreenPath Debt Solutions
Ask for the Muskegon office