Member Rewards

Effective February 1, 2017


All Members Receive the following free services

  • Free CU*Talk (Telephone Banking)
  • Free It’s Me 247 (Internet Home Banking)
  • Free CU*EasyPay (Internet Bill Pay)
  • Free Notary Service
  • Free Unlimited Text Banking Messages
  • Free E-statements
SILVER Rewards175-349 Points
Silver members receive the following rewards:
Free Overdraft Transfer from Shares to Checking
Free Overdraft Transfer from Line of Credit to Checking
Waive Check Cashing Fee
GOLD Rewards350-474 Points
Gold Members receive all of the SILVER Rewards plus:
1 Free wire transfer monthly
Unlimited Free Cashiers Checks monthly
Half-Price on Fee for Visa Gift Cards
PLATINUM Rewards475+ Points
Platinum Members receive all of the GOLD Rewards plus:
No hold on ATM deposits
.25% rebate each month on loans
(excludes Visa, Home Equity & Mortgage)
.25% bonus on CD balances greater than $1500
(deposited to account each dividend period)
1 Free Box of Platinum Checks per year
Free Domestic Fax Service
Free Telephone-Initiated Payment (TEL)

Point Values

Members earn points for the Member Rewards program by using the following products and services.

ActivityPoint Value
Active ATM25
Automatic Loan Transfer from Checking25
Active Debit75
Active Visa75
Direct Deposit >$600 per month75
Payroll Deduction >$600 per month75
Delinquent Loan Account-100
Negative Account Balance-100
Loan BalancesPoint Value
Aggregate Loan Balance $600 - $2,00025
Aggregate Loan Balance $2,001 - $10,00050
Aggregate Loan Balance $10,001 - $25,00075
Aggregate Loan Balance $25,001+175
Savings BalancesPoint Value
Aggregate Deposits $300 - $2,00025
Aggregate Deposits $2,001 - $10,00050
Aggregate Deposits $10,001 - $25,00075
Aggregate Deposits $25,001+175
ServicesPoint Value
Christmas Club, Tax Club, or Vacation Club (w/min. $5 balance)25
Text Banking25
Variable Share Account25
Certificate of Deposit50
Checking Account75
CU*EasyPay (Internet Bill Pay) - Active75
It's Me 247 (Home Banking) - Active75