ScoreCard® Rewards

ScoreCard® Rewards

ScoreCard® Rewards is a rewards program offering points for using your Muskegon Co-op Visa credit card.  When you use your Muskegon Co-op Visa credit card, you earn 1 ScoreCard point for every $1 spent.  These ScoreCard points can then be used to reward yourself with merchandise and travel rewards.  You will be automatically enrolled to earn ScoreCard points every time you use your card.  There’s no limit to how many points you can earn.

How To Redeem Points

IT’S EASY TO REDEEM POINTS.  Simply visit to register and login.  Once logged in, you can see how many ScoreCard points you have.  Then search for merchandise, gifts, airline tickets, hotels, car rental and much more!  You can also use your points for a discount at the gas pump at select gas stations when you use your Muskegon Co-op credit card.

You can also call the ScoreCard Rewards Customer Service number to find out how many points you have available, order merchandise or book travel.  The Customer Service number is 1-800-854-0790.

Enjoy your Rewards!