Visa Credit Card


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Our Visa Credit Cards offer no annual fee, a low interest rate, a low monthly payment, and 25-day grace period on new purchase balances.  You also earn ScoreCard® Rewards Points every time you use your Visa.  What are ScoreCard Rewards Points?  Click here to learn more.

You can view your Visa account on It’s Me 247 (our online banking) and you can pay your credit card by transferring money online or pay right at the credit union.

To Report a lost or stolen Visa Card or if your Visa is denied, call the credit union at 231-726-4871.
After hours call 1-866-333-4740.

To reset your Visa PIN, call 1-866-297-3411.

Muskegon Co-op has a fraud alert company that monitors our members’ credit card activity for unusual activity (i.e. purchases out of state, etc.). Be sure to contact the credit union if you will be traveling and using your credit card, so we can notify the fraud alert company.

Visa Disclosure

Visa Disclosure Agreement

Verified by VISA

If you have a Muskegon Co-op FCU Visa Card, you can now protect it online with a personal password. Your Verified by Visa password helps ensure that only you can use your Visa card number to buy online.

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EMV Chip Card

EMV is a global payment system that entails putting a microprocessor chip into debit and credit cards, making them less vulnerable to fraud for in-person transactions.

Muskegon Co-op now has EMV Chip Cards for all of our credit cards and will be getting them for debit cards at the end of the summer. These new cards will have a small, metallic square. This square is a computer chip, and it’s what makes the new EMV cards more secure and more difficult to steal your information and make a duplicate card.

The magnetic stripes on traditional credit and debit cards contain unchanging data. Whoever accesses that data gains the sensitive card and cardholder information necessary to make purchases.

However, every time an EMV card is used for payment, the card chip creates a unique transaction code that cannot be used again.

As a result, card duplication would never work because the stolen transaction number created in that instance wouldn’t be usable again and the card would just get denied.

VISA Platinum Credit Card – 9.50% APR

Why pay high rates and fees with other credit card programs when you can carry a Muskegon Co-op FCU Platinum Preferred Visa? Plus your Platinum Preferred Visa earns ScoreCard® Rewards Points every time you use your card. What are ScoreCard Rewards Points?  Click here to learn more.  The ScoreCard Points can be used to purchase travel or prizes. Your Muskegon Co-op FCU Platinum Preferred Visa card is accepted at millions of locations worldwide. To view the Awards you can redeem with your ScoreCard Bonus Points, go to or call 1-800-854-0790.

  • No annual fee
  • No balance transfer fees
  • Minimum credit limit of $300.00
  • Low interest rate.
  • Low monthly payment. Your monthly Platinum Preferred Visa payment is computed at just 3% of your outstanding balance (minimum $25.00)
  • 25-day grace period on new purchase balances. Avoid finance charges by paying off your balance within at least 25 days of your statement closing date. Cash advances accrue interest from the date the advance is made.
  • Make cash advances at any participating institution and at more than 150,000 ATMs worldwide.
  • No transaction fee for cash advances made at the credit union or any other financial institution.
  • Cash advance interest rate, the same as for purchases
  • Pay your balance in full or make monthly payments. Make your minimum monthly payment or pay your balance off. Tailor it to your budget.
  • Pay your Visa bill at either Muskegon Co-op FCU branch or any shared branch location